6 Common Commercial Claims That Your Business Insurance Will Cover

Businesses can face difficult situations on a daily basis. While commercial property claims can be stressful, they’re available to save your business from the unexpected. Business owners need to know how business insurance can keep them safe and guard them against unexpected catastrophes.

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Here are six of the most common commercial claims that your business insurance will cover.

1. Burglary and Theft

Theft is a commercial claim that can manifest itself in many ways. Theft of inventory, theft of materials, and the more general “theft” of services or time from your employees are important situations to guard against with commercial insurance.

The best commercial property insurance policies will cover your business against these thefts, including reimbursement for break-ins and other damages.

2. Vandalism

Vandalism is a property damage claim that can be harder to spot. Commercial property insurance policies can help you considering it includes protecting your commercial property from damage due to acts of individuals.

Your commercial property insurance policies will cover your business against vandalism.

3. Fire

A fire can devastate your property. It’s important to know what commercial insurance policies will cover for such damages. The best commercial property insurance policies will compensate for the damage done by fire, including smoke, heat, or flames that result in loss of or property damage.

4. Weather Damage

Weather damage can be difficult to predict and can shut your business down for extended times. Commercial property insurance protects your property from damages due to hail, wind, or other weather-related conditions.

5. Customer Injury

If a customer is to slip and fall or experience other injuries in your commercial property, your insurance would cover the repercussions.

Reliable commercial property insurance policies will help protect your business if your commercial property causes harm to a third party.

6. Struck By Object

People can be accidentally struck by random objects. These might include commercial equipment, boxes flying off a shelf, or birds crashing into your property. The right business insurance can save you from trouble when you face these situations.

Apply For Your General Liability Insurance

In this day and age, business insurance is an important part of any commercial business. In the commercial world, commercial insurance is more of a necessity than a nicety. You need commercial property insurance to guard against vandalism, fire, weather damage, and more.

At M&P Insurance, we offer commercial property insurance that can help you protect your commercial property against commercial claims such as the ones explained above. To speak with one of our agents about our commercial insurance policies, contact us today!

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