Are Employers Responsible For Non-Work Related Injuries?

Having a safe environment in the workplace is important for employees to continue working and being assets to the company. Businesses rely on their employees and, although they try to provide the safest environment for employees, accidents can still happen outside of the workplace.

When accidents happen outside of work, they can directly affect the business considering that the injured individual might not be able to fulfill their duties. There are many questions that business owners have when non-work-related injuries happen, starting with the main one.

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Are Employers Responsible?

The question of work-related injuries and whether or not employers are responsible is a heavily debated topic. Employers may feel like they aren’t responsible because the employee was elsewhere when the injury happened, but that isn’t always the case.

Workers who get injured during non-work hours can file workers’ compensation claims against their employers. The exact rules and regulations will vary depending on the state, so it’s important to check with your local department of labor for specific information.

What To Do After Your Employee Gets Injured 

Employers have two alternatives, replacing the employee with an internal one or hiring a temporary employee. Normally, employers decide to use an existing employee. Still, in both situations, the company will suffer consequences regarding productivity.

Business owners are not allowed to refuse an injured employee time off to recover. They have to be provided with either sick leave or vacation days to cover the days off. Employees are eligible for up to 12 workweeks of unpaid sick leave a year in Arkansas. 

Be Prepared!

Employees are the lifeline of a business. Non-work-related injuries can cause unnecessary costs and disruptions that cut into the bottom line.

Many may not always be aware of it, but non-work injuries are covered by general liability insurance. This means that non-work-related injuries are often covered under many employers’ business insurance.

Business insurance can help cover different expenses such as the cost of an attorney, settlement payments, and more. However, the non-work-related injuries that affect the business are generally covered under general liability insurance, which is a component of many employers’ business insurance policies.

Get Your Business Insurance With The Experts

Make sure your business is prepared for no workplace accidents and get the non-work-related injury coverage you need. If you require professional assistance, you can contact an M&P Insurance agent. We can provide you with all the information with non-work-related injuries insurance to help your business be prepared.

At M&P Insurance, we offer different insurance services for businesses in Arkansas. We’ve been protecting business owners since 1925. We can help you understand non-work-related injuries insurance and other business insurance policies so you can get the protection your company needs.

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