How Does Business Insurance Apply To Non-Work-Related Injuries?

As a business owner, non-work-related injuries can be challenging to manage. These types of injuries can affect your business since your employees are key to your business.

Learning how this affects your business and how you can respond to these situations is key to your business operations and development.

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What are Non-Work-Related Injuries?

A non-work-related injury refers to when an accident happens during non-working hours or when employees are on break. Non-work-related injuries are not covered by business insurance liability.

When non-work-related accidents happen, the employer is still liable if it was caused by another person or company – in most cases. The employer may need to hire a lawyer because the non-work-related injury often results in compensation claims for medical expenses and other damages.

How Non-Work-Related Injuries Affect Your Business

A non-work-related injury can affect a worker’s ability to do their job, greatly impacting their performance. It might also raise the chances of your company being held liable for aggravating previous harm or conditions.

How To Respond To Non-Work-Related Injuries

It’s important to respond to this situation correctly. Some ways your company can respond are:

  • Getting a written verification from the doctors stating the time the employee will be off.
  • Direct the employee to the Benefits Unit to apply for disability; only if the time extends to sick and vacation leaves.
  • Fill out the Department Time Verification form given by the Benefits Unit when a worker applies for disability coverage under group insurance. This form contains information about the employee’s last day at work, sick leave and vacation time used, and whether they went on leave without pay.
  • When the employee has used up their sick leave and/or any vacation days, change their record in HRMS to indicate that they are on unpaid leave.

How To Prevent Issues Regarding Non-Work-Related Injuries 

Gain control over non-work-related injuries with the right business insurance. By purchasing general liability insurance for your company, you protect your business from non-work-related accidents. Every business should have general liability insurance to prevent these accidents from being an issue to your business.

Protect Your Small Business From Third-Party Liability Claims With M&P Insurance

Business insurance is an important element for your business and employees. Getting the right general liability insurance allows your company to be ready and stay protected in case any non-work-related accident happens.

At M&P Insurance, you can find the right insurance that covers the cost of an attorney, settlement payments, and more. Our team of experts will assist you and answer all of your questions. Feel free to contact M&P Insurance today!

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