Why Are My Commercial Property Insurance Rates Going Up?

There can be many reasons why your commercial insurance rates in Arkansas are going up; from claims history to individual properties, many factors can influence your insurance rates.

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These Are Some Factors That Can Affect Your Rate

Natural Disasters  

Commercial property insurance rates can be increased or decreased depending on how often natural disasters occur in your area. Areas with a higher risk of hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and other dangerous weather events, will pay higher commercial property insurance premiums.

Insurance companies take claims history into account when determining commercial property insurance premiums. Insurance companies may consider the age of a commercial property when adjusting commercial property insurance rates.

Insurance companies are not set up to provide commercial property insurance coverage for an infinite amount of time, so property owners who’ve had claims or incidents recently will be paying higher commercial property insurance premiums.

Rise In Cost In Labor, Construction, And Services  

Commercial property insurance rates are also affected by the increase of construction costs. It may seem like commercial property insurance premiums should go down with the drop of commercial construction costs. However, increasing construction affordability does not affect commercial property insurance rates as much as some think.

Commercial property insurance in Arkansas can be expensive, which is why it is often bundled with commercial property owners who have multiple properties. 

Let Us Help You

For many businesses protecting their properties, it’s essential to guarantee the business’s future and stability. Having the right commercial property insurance will allow you to protect your commercial property and other interests.

M&P Insurance provides commercial insurance in Arkansas for many companies. We are proud of having the best coverage in the state of Arkansas. We are constantly receiving commercial property insurance rates, and we know what these rates should be.

If you’re looking for commercial insurance in Arkansas, make sure to contact us and learn more about our services.

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