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Home is Where the Heart is

Just like you, many of us here at M&P Insurance are homeowners, right here in Newport, Arkansas. The saying is true, that home is where the heart is—and our home is nestled amidst all of yours. This is why our team at M&P Insurance works hard for you, creating relationships, we want to see our community flourish

Keep Your Home Safe and Sound

A home is many times one of the largest purchases we’ll ever make. It’s where we want to plant our roots for us and our future generations. Protection of these roots is important. At M&P Insurance, we’re here to help; we’ll discuss in detail any exposures you may face, and guide you through to making sure you and your home are safe and sound.

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Is Extra Home Insurance Necessary? Am I Covered in my Mortgage?

It’s easy to think we’re covered, much like trip insurance covers lost luggage or a delayed flight, but home insurance can be complex. At M&P Insurance, our team is local in your community and has access to many carriers, making us perfectly suited to getting you the most appropriate coverage you need–whether you’re buying a new-build, historic, or even country home or farm. Though not a complete list, we have a wide range of policies available in the following areas:

Buildings &

Covers structures like garages, sheds, and barns


Covers belongings in your home like jewelry and antiques


Covers the cost of living if you’re forced out of your home


Covers accidents and/or property damage

Legal defense
& Medical bills

Covers the cost of minor injuries to non-residents

flood or earthquake

Covers the cost of water intrusions and natural disasters

Carriers We Represent

We’re Here to Answer Your home insurance Questions!


I have a mortgage and don’t directly own my home; do I need homeowners’ insurance?


Well, though you can legally go without the insurance, most lenders will require you to have it, to protect your home (and their money lent) from damage caused by unforeseen circumstances. Anything can happen—you really don’t want to be unprotected!


How do I know how much coverage I need?


That’s where we come in! We’ll go over every detail, getting all the information about your home, your possessions, and all of your needs, and help you determine exactly what will protect you in your unique situation.


How much does homeowners insurance cost?


This will depend on your unique situation, and whether you have smoke alarms, a security system, sprinklers, etc. Because we live in this area, we are familiar with what’s needed. We work with multiple carriers, and can compare quotes with your needs to get you the best coverage at the most affordable price.