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Do it for the Ones you Love

Life here in our Arkansas community is pretty great, isn’t it? As nice as it is, we know that–just as with all other kinds of insurance–anything can happen. That’s where life insurance comes in. It’s always in our minds to protect our loved ones.

We Make Tough Decisions Easier

At M&P Insurance, we will help you choose what’s best for you when it comes to the unthinkable—how to make sure your loved ones are covered in the event of your death; or, if you have a business, that your hard work is not going to crumble. We’ll also help you understand why you shouldn’t procrastinate about making this decision or purchasing the insurance.

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Do I need life insurance?
A few questions to ask.

There’s not a straightforward answer to that, as it truly depends on your situation. But because of the uncertainty of life, let’s take a brief moment to look at who may need it. You need life insurance if you:

  • Have debt
  • Are married or planning marriage
  • Have a family or planning one
  • Are a business owner.

life insurance isn't an easy conversation
M&P Insurance can help with that

Life insurance is for specific situations that relate to family and finances. Simply put, there are two questions you should ask yourself when considering life insurance:

  • Will someone in my life be financially affected by my death?
  • Will someone be saddened by my death, but is under no desire to assume my financial responsibilities and liabilities?

At M&P Insurance, our team understands life insurance can be an uncomfortable topic that we’d like to put on the back burner, in the back of our mind. Rest assured, we are here to make life insurance comfortable and matter-of-fact for you and your loved ones. Life insurance is not a fun topic; however, the longer you wait to figure this out with your independent insurance agent, the greater the probability that any premiums are going to double and triple as you age.

How does life insurance work?


How much do I need?


This all depends on your personal situation and circumstances. Factors to consider are your age, marital status, business owner, financial obligations, how much you can afford, and what amount you wish your beneficiary to have. In general, many times we suggest somewhere around seven to ten times your salary.


I’m thinking of making a will; should I include this?


Absolutely. Life insurance is almost always a part of the estate planning process. Talk with both your planner and insurance agent to make sure that not only your future is financially secure, but that of your loved ones as well. Policy proceeds can be used for many things, including cash-in-hand, debt payment, funeral expenses, and income/estate taxes.


What is "Term" life insurance? How is it different?


“Term” life insurance is basic, wherein you use it or lose it. You pay your premium, with the “term” being generally approximately twenty years (on a standard policy), and if you die within that time, your beneficiary collects the stated policy amount.