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With all of the beautiful nature surrounding our community, how many of you have recreational vehicles? Maybe you have an ATV like a four-wheeler or motorcycle to go exploring the Arkansas forests and trails. Maybe you purchased the classic definition of a recreational vehicle—a large motor home, or even a towable small trailer with (living quarters).

Motorcycle Insurance

Like any other motorized vehicle that is used on the road,  you must have insurance that protects you, any passengers, and any other drivers on the road should you be involved in an accident.

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What if...?

Although the “classic” definition of an RV is the motorhome/trailer, it actually includes a variety of vehicles, such as ATVs, dune buggies, and more. Much like auto insurance, coverage includes not only occurrences on the road, but also incidences such as weather damage.

While there are different types and levels of coverage, the fact remains that even if your RV is sitting in your yard, it’s susceptible to weather damage. Levels and types can vary from standard coverage, to options such as personal liability, campsite/vacation liability, emergency expenses, and roadside assistance.

Let M&P Insurance help you protect you ATV, boat, camper, golf cart, motor home, motorcycle, watercraft, travel trailer and more!

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There are many other variables when it comes to RV coverage. Make sure to come in and talk in-depth with us! We can make sure you’re adequately protected, so you can enjoy your purchase worry-free!


Is there a standard, one-size-fits-all policy?


Just as with your auto insurance, limits and types can vary by state; since we live and work here, we know exactly what’s required! Most importantly, we’ll discuss what plans you have for how you want to use your RV, and will help you make an informed decision on your legal RV insurance obligations.