Understanding Medicare Cost Parts: The 4 Premiums

Auto Insurance is a need if you own a car, however you need to know what type of auto insurance is important to have.

Insurance is a need these current days. Medicare is a kind of insurance that will cover your medicare cost. One of the most confusing parts of Medicare coverage is the cost of every part of Medicare insurance.

The good news is that resources are available for you to understand Medicare costs and plan accordingly. If you want to learn more about Medicare coverage and its different parts, keep reading this article.

The Parts Of Medicare Insurance

There are four parts to Medicare coverage. They are all different and offer their own benefits.

Medicare Part A

This is a coverage plan for hospitalization if you need surgery or stay overnight at the hospital. This part provides preventive services as well as treatment-related services that can be provided on an outpatient basis.

Medicare Part B

This plan will cover doctor visits, lab tests, or even a stay at the hospital when you can’t take care of yourself without supervision from a nurse.

Medicare Part C

This coverage is for supplemental medicare insurance that private companies sell. These medicare plans fill in the gaps left open by traditional Medicare Parts A and B Coverage.

Medicare Part D

 This part of Medicare will give you prescription drug coverage, regardless of what kind of medications your doctor prescribes. Part D provides a list of all sorts of medicare prescription drug plans that can be purchased.

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The Cost Of Medicare Coverage Parts

Medicare Part A Premium

This Medicare coverage is the most expensive of all, with a monthly premium ranging from $216 to $347 per month, depending on your income and where you live. 

Medicare Part B Premium

This plan is usually $121 per month and will depend on your income level, but it can be lowered if you purchase a medicare supplement insurance plan.

Medicare Part C Premium

This coverage costs $100 a month, but Medicare supplemental insurance plans can be bought to lower the cost.

Medicare Part D Premium

This Medicare is not as expensive. Part D costs about $31 to $76 per month, depending on your medicare plan.

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