Protecting Your Biggest Asset: Choosing The Right Homeowners Insurance

There is nothing better than home. That's why choosing the right home insurance coverage is a must. We´ll give you some tips to do that.

When it comes to your home, you want the best of the best. That includes buying the right homeowner insurance. You can’t risk buying just any insurance; you want to buy the right one. Here we will show you some factors you need to keep in mind when buying home insurance. 

Market Value

Market value is the price the home has been able to get in the open market. Even though this seems the fairest method of valuation, the American Insurance Association advises homeowners not to choose this option because it doesn’t correspond to the cost of rebuilding many times.

On the other side, if the property’s value depreciates greatly for one reason or another, the amount of money you will receive after a disaster may not be enough to cover all the costs. That’s why sometimes it is better to avoid this option.

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Replacement Cost

It is defined by the amount of money that you will use to get the needed materials and labor to repair the house to its initial condition.

Normally, homeowners’ policies have a ceiling on how much money you can receive if a disaster happens. Some policies provide a percentage over their ceiling. It’s called extended replacement cost, which helps protect against market changes affecting repairs.

Extended Replacement Costs

This policy takes care of and pays for any repairing or rebuilding cost, even if it’s more than your policy limit. Some insurers offer an extended replacement, offering more coverage than purchased. Some Consultants think that all homeowners should get this type of coverage since you need typical insurance and insurance that covers the costs to rebuild your home at current prices.

Actual Cash Value

This is the replacement cost minus the home’s depreciation sustained before the accident.  The insurance company will use the home’s current market value as a guide to determine your policy which will almost always be less than the replacement cost of your property. 

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