How to buy a Health Insurance Plan in Arkansas in Mid 2021

When it comes to insurance you want to get the best insurance company. We will give you some advice before you buy any health insurance.

Buying a health insurance plan is one of the hardest things to do, and because of the rush, those interested in getting an insurance plan end up picking the wrong one. This post will give you some advice and steps to pick the best health insurance plan in Arkansas for you and your family. 

  • First Step: Choose Your Health Plan Marketplace

Most people get their health insurance through an employer. If that’s your case, since your company is your marketplace, you will not need the insurance marketplaces or exchange. 

If your employer offers health insurance, but you want to search for a backup plan in the exchanges, you absolutely can. However, plans in the marketplace can cost more. That is because most employers pay a portion of employees’ insurance premiums.

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If your job doesn’t provide health insurance, shop on your state’s public marketplace or go to a trustworthy insurance agency in your area that offers affordable plans.

  • Second Step: Compare the types of health insurance plans 

When it comes to insurance plans, you will have plenty of options to choose from. What you need to do is compare plans in terms of benefits. The online marketplaces and insurance agents normally provide a breakdown of the benefits they offer as well as the cost of each one. 

Some of them could also include the list of clinics and doctors that participate in the insurance plan. If you opt for insurance offered by your employer, ask them the benefits plans have. 

Some of the Standardized Health Plan insurance offered in Arkansas are: 

  • Managed Care

 They are called HMOs, PPOs, EPOs, and POS. These can provide a comprehensive arrangement of health services

  • Fee-For-Service

This is a system where a doctor or health care provider is paid a “fee” for each service given to you.

  • High-Deductible Plan Linked To HSA 

This type of insurance is HMO, PPO, EPO, or POS. There are a bit more expensive, but it provides a health saving account free from taxes.

  • Catastrophic Plan

 Since this is for people under 30s, you will have a lower fee than the other insurances.

  • Third Step: Compare Costs and Benefits

Finally, to make up your decision, check back to the benefits summary to check if any health plans cover more services. They are all different, and some may have better coverage for physical therapy or mental health care, while others may have better emergency coverage.

By comparing health plan networks, costs are less expensive when you go to an in-network doctor. This is because the companies’ insurance contracts lower rates with in-network providers.

Last but not least, compare the out-of-pocket costs. A health insurance plan pays a higher portion of the medical costs, but a higher monthly fee may be better for some individuals and families. 

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