Which Are The Most Common Health Insurance Plans In 2021

Learn about the most common health insurance plan in 2021. If you live in Arkansas, M&P Insurance offers Health Insurance in the area.

There is a wide range of options for health insurance nowadays. HMOs, PPOs, EPOs, or POS plans are the most common ones. The kind of insurance you choose will help determine your out-of-pocket costs and see which doctors you can see.

Most Common Types Of Insurance

  • HMO also know as Health Maintenance Organization

This is a lower out-of-pocket cost, and there is a primary physician who takes care of your health. However, there is less freedom to choose providers. In this type of insurance, it’s important to stay in-network to get the coverage, except for emergencies. 

  • PPO also known as Preferred Provider Organization

In this case, you have more provider options, and there are no referrals required. However, you will find higher out-of-pocket costs. It’s unnecessary to stay in-network care to get the coverage, but it’s less expensive if you do.

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  • EPO also known as Exclusive Provider Organization

There´s lower out of pocket costs in this type of insurance, also, there is no referral request, but you have less freedom to choose providers. Just like HMO, you do have to stay in-network to get the coverage, excepting emergencies. 

  • POS also know as Point of Service Plan

In this case, you have more providers and a primary care physician that takes care of you. This type of insurance does request referrals, and there is no need for you to stay in-network. However, it’s less expensive if you do it.

What Insurance To Choose

When choosing what insurance you will take, you must keep in mind a couple of aspects.

If you choose a POS or HMO health insurance plan, keep in mind that these two require a referral, and you need to see a primary physician before scheduling your visit to your specialist. Even though because of this, people interested in insurance opt for other plans, this is the cheapest type of health insurance.

HMO and POS insurance is better if you don´t care about your primary care physician choosing your specialist. In the end, they save time for you since they coordinate all the visits and handle medical records. It’s necessary that if you choose a POS plan and you go out of network, you get the doctor’s referral ahead of time to reduce out of pocket costs,

On the other hand, choose a PPO or an EPO insurance plan to choose your specialists. An EPO plan will help you keep lower costs as long as you find providers in the network. A PPO would be better if you live in a rural or remote area with limited access to care physicians and doctors.

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