Painters Coverage: Stay Protected with M&P Insurance

Looking for painters insurance? Learn how to stay protected whether you’re a new or longtime painting business owner.

Owning a painting business can have its share of ups and downs, especially if you don’t have the correct insurance coverage. Painters need to protect themselves and their business with very specific insurance, making sure there are more ups than downs. 

You need coverage now

Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or just getting started, painters insurance will protect you no matter how careful you are at each job site. Construction sites and painting jobs are basically accidents waiting to happen, and choosing the right insurance coverage can keep you and your business protected. Most painters insurance coverages include general liability, workers compensation, commercial auto, and tools-and-equipment coverage.

painter insurance coverage spill in house

General liability covers painting risks like paint spills or damage to a customer’s property, and workers compensation is generally mandatory, covering things like missed wages due to an injury and medical expenses. 

painter work van insurance coverage

Commercial auto covers third-party injuries and property damage caused by commercial vehicles, and tools-and-equipment coverage handles the repair or replacement of brushes, paint sprayers, and other painting tools.

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You can’t stay lucky forever

If you’ve been skating by without insurance, at some point, your luck will run out. Get the coverage that will protect your business. Whether you’re a one-man operation or have a staff of many, painters insurance is important because it protects you if an accident occurs on a job site.

A majority of states require painters to have certain insurance or bonds before they can get a license with the state. 

Workers compensation is a must 

Nearly every state requires painting contractors to have workers compensation insurance due to the constant potential for accidents and injury. It’s important for an employer to protect themselves from accidents like simple slips and falls, paint spills, damage to property, and serious bodily injury. Workmans comp can cover lost wages right after an injury and medical bills that could pile up in the future.

What are the risks?

Everything. If you operate a painting business without insurance, you are risking everything. Painters work indoors and outdoors, and both have their own set of potential risks. Whether inside or outside, trips and falls, paint spills, and property damage can occur, costing you more money than you were paid for the job.

painting insurance work high in air

Tall scaffolding, ladders, and cherry pickers are all determining factors in the types of coverage you need. If you are working on a building, high up in the air, the dangers grow exponentially. 

Add credibility to your business

Most clients will prefer that you carry specific painters insurance, and, in some states, contractor or painter coverage is mandatory. You could miss out on countless jobs if you aren’t properly insured, and having the right coverage can only add credibility to your business.

Who we are at M&P Insurance

M&P Insurance and Investment Services has been in business since 1925 and is dedicated to being a one-stop-shop for all things insurance. Our local agents work with numerous insurance companies to be able to provide the absolute best coverage at rates that meet anyone’s budget.

It’s important to protect all areas where your business could be vulnerable, and painters must deal with certain risks that go with the job. At M&P Insurance, we realize the importance of appropriate coverage, and we have dedicated, local insurance agents that focus solely on your business.

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