Unemployed in Arkansas? Learn How To Get Your Unemployment Health Insurance Subsidy Now

You live in the Arkansas area and are currently unemployed? Worry no more! We´ll tell you how to get your unemployment health insurance.

Losing a job generates an impact on the life of those who lose it. It affects the unemployed´s standard of living. Even those eligible for unemployment benefits and other things of government assistance, a lot of times these benefits only replace fifty percent of their regular income. 

Long-term unemployment affects mental health and worsens the physical health of workers.

American Rescue Plan (ARP)

The American Rescue Plan delivers direct relief to American people who need assistance. This program is for American Citizens and small businesses who have fallen on hard times.

Who Is Eligible For Unemployment-based subsidies?

Unemployment-based subsidies include people who have a minor income that the federal poverty level approves, as long as they are not qualified for Medicaid. People who have a minor income than the normal poverty level are not eligible for subsidies.

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The unemployment-based subsidies are at disposition to anyone who has received or has been approved to receive unemployment compensation any time this year. If it is your case, but you haven’t applied to receive the benefit, you will not be eligible for any other health insurance subsidies.

On the other hand, someone in the coverage gap can receive a full cost-sharing reduction and a full premium subsidy if they receive compensation throughout the year.

CMS Insurance Program has confirmed that the full premium subsidies are only available if the one receiving the unemployment compensation is a taxpayer. If the one receiving it is a dependent, the household is qualified for the cost-sharing reductions but not the full premium subsidies.

Even if you just received unemployment compensation for a week in 2021, you could be eligible for enhanced subsidies for the whole year. However, this subsidy qualification could come to an end if you become eligible for employer-sponsored health coverage.

A family member will lose access to any subsidies if they become eligible for employer-sponsored coverage that is considered affordable for the team member.

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